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Welcome to Vegetarian Atlas, your roadmap to preparing and enjoying simple, tasty, meatless meals. Whether you’re new to vegetarianism, or just looking for some new recipes to add to your cookbook, we hope you enjoy your visit.

Below you’ll find a range of recipes, most of which are simple to cook, can be easily made vegan, and are generally healthy (hey, even vegetarians like some junk food now and then).

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    Crockpot Black Bean Soup
    18th February 2018
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    Spicy Caramelized Cauliflower
    11th February 2018
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    Badass Baked Potatoes
    4th February 2018
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    Butternut Quinoa Cran-Slam
    10th January 2018

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“I’m with George.” Leora Copeland

Check out the About section and get to know our resident guide for all things vegetarian. She’ll share the lessons she’s learned, recipes she’s enjoyed, and notes about the ingredients and preparation to help you customize your meals for your needs.

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